Precision Industrial Engineering

Hans von der Hyde South Africa brings together decades of experience, superior technology and German precision industrial engineering to create custom machines to streamline and improve any stage of your production process - saving you time and money.


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Our Clients Say

"There hasn’t been a customer complaint on the product we make with the HvdH machine! If you want to build a machine, go to HvdH. "
"Keeping up with European standards, we turned to Hans von der Heyde for help and having identified with our needs impeccably, got it accomplished! "
"On-time delivery, no surprises, good service! "
"Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business and Hans Von Der Heyde truly understood the meaning of this and went beyond my expectations. "
"We sought new technology for our plant and your company had the relevant experience. We have since awarded the next stage of the project to HvdH. "