Alkor Aluminium Profiles


ALKOR Industrietechnik GmbH act as suppliers of aluminium profiles to HvdH for use in diverse industrial engineering applications.

Besides making use of ALKOR’s innovative interlocking aluminium profile systems, HvdH are also authorised resellers of ALKOR products in sub-Saharan Africa.

We have found that ALKOR aluminum profiles provide numerous benefits, including faster machining times, reduced finishing costs, shorter lead times, design flexibility and extended tooling life.

ALKOR Aluminum Profile specifications

ALKOR has developed a comprehensive system construction kit comprising 60 variable profile types complemented by 400 pieces of auxiliary equipment.

By locking the profiles and pieces together it is possible to produce countless products suitable for diverse industry applications. The versatile aluminum profile system features corrosion resistant anodic coating and is ideal for machine covering, transfer systems, protection devices and complete workstations.

Mechanical Specifications
Tensile strength RM
245 N/mm²
0.2 limit Rp 0.2 minimum 195 N/mm²
Density 2.7 kg/ dm³
Ductile yield A5 minimum 10%
Ductile yield A10 minimum 8%
Linear coefficient of expansion 23.6 x 10-6 1/K
Modulus of elasticity ca. 70.000 N/mm²
Modulus of rigidity ca. 25.000 N/mm²
Hardness ca. 75 HB – 2.5/187.5
Anodised Surface Specifications
Minimum layer thickness 10 µm
Layer hardness 250-350HV