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Tool Making

HvdH uses computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacture (CAM) and computer-aided numerical control (CNC) to design, develop and produce technologically advanced tools.

HvdH's toolmaking service offers superior accuracy and attention to detail, and our staff of highly qualified industrial engineers and tool makers are able to design and interpret blueprints and technical data to machine and assemble tools with meticulous precision.


We believe that any business owner involved in the serial production of products will benefit from the accuracy and sophistication of our standard and custom tool making service.




Toolmaking Services
  • Device engineering
  • Mechanical punch tools
  • Plastic extrusion tools
  • Guides & jigs
  • Injection moulding tools
  • Pattern making
  • Tooling repairs 
  • Maintenance


Why use HvdH?


HvdH has over 50 years experience in the precision machining of high quality tools. Our team of engineers, developers and tool makers are highly skilled in their area of expertise, while only the latest concepts and innovative technologies are employed to produce accurate industrialengineering solutions for both simple and complex multi-component production.


Contact HvdH today to discuss your precision tooling requirements.